Аврора має серце та здатна дарувати любов. Твоя сила в твоєму серці. А добро, зроблене від серця – робить світ кращим.


The AVRORA counteracts spread of a coronavirus

20 Март 2020

The Avrora company always cares about the workers and buyers therefore it quickly adjusted the work in compliance of nation-wide measures of counteraction of spread of a disease.

During the quarantine period, we have implemented strict standards of sanitary and hygienic control for the safety of customers and employees:

  • all personnel are provided with personal protective equipment;
  • each box has protective partitions;
  • the transport that delivers the goods is regularly disinfected;
  • the number of visitors is controlled according to the established limits;
  • wet cleaning is done 3 times a day by special means;
  • The sanitary processing of the equipment that the buyers contact is carried out on a regular basis.

One of the areas of work that we actively support and promote is corporate social responsibility. Now all efforts in this direction are directed to help the medical industry. And, first of all, for the purchase of artificial ventilation apparatus and medicines. Today we have succeeded in acquiring 3 artificial lung ventilators and 10,000 coronavirus tests.

But this is only part of what is planned to be purchased and transferred to medical institutions.


Also, we managed to reconfigure our own production in the shortest possible time to produce protective masks and antiseptics. They will be on sale in our stores at no extra charge next week.

Social responsibility, corporate or personal, is now an important tool in combating the spread of the disease.


Avrora encourages everyone and everyone to act responsibly with the recommendations of the Ministry of Health.
With understanding to perceive all changes and prohibition, however unpleasant they are. After all, it will allow you to protect your health and the health of others.

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Issues that do not concern us

04 Февраль 2020

Problems. They seem to be everywhere. Apart from our most important ones, the mass media and society often load us with a bunch of unnecessary negativity. And the only thing you want in that case is to break away and plunge into your world.

However, this will not work. We are connected. And sooner or later, indifference returns as common problems affect and fall into the category of our own.

Our company is guided by the value of "give good freely".

And that means that when we see a problem and understand that we can influence for find solution, we act.

So in 2019 we managed to initiate and finance a major overhaul of one ward at the Poltava Regional Oncology Center. Patients will now not be distracted by the little things about staying comfortable, but will be able to fully focus on recovery. What we wish them.

So, the little act that will make everyday life a little better is already a victory for all of us.


Therefore, we say - "give good freely" - in hope that everyone who learns about this value will grow it in their heart.

Don't be afraid to act and tell when you did something right. This is not self-praise. It is an opportunity to find like-minded people and do even more small and great good.

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Action "I see you"

19 Сентябрь 2019

Recently, our company had a great opportunity to join the action "I See You", which took place on the Market Square in Lviv and concerned the safety of pedestrians at night.

The participants of the event heard an informative lecture from the patrol police of the city. However, the most attention of adults and children was captured by the practical part of the action - hand-made flicker.

Keychains with reflective elements (flicker) is an extremely simple but effective way to keep pedestrians away from the road.

If when driving with low beam the driver can see the pedestrian at a distance of only 25-30 meters, then with a flicker the person can be seen for 130-140 meters.

Therefore, the participants of the action produced more than 180 such key chains in an hour. It took a bit of attention and handy materials: felt, special film, harness and some other little things.

So, as you can see, you can get a flicker in minutes. A minimum of effort is sufficient to place it on a backpack, bag, jacket or jeans. And it can bring maximum benefits.

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Youth, journalism and jubilee

15 Апрель 2019

The city lives well if it carries out a variety of activities, especially when they take place with the participation of young people.

Supporting the organization of such activities is a small investment in a better future. That is why our company tries to be engaged maximally in such activities as a sponsor or participant.


So, on March 22, 2019, in the Regional center of aesthetic education of pupils was organised I Regional forum "Youth Media Platform of Poltava Region". This event was held in the framework of the celebration of the 10th anniversary of the workroom "Young Journalist" in RCAEP.

The aim of the forum was to broaden the outlook of the youth in relation to the journalist's craft and to deepen knowledge about media-related issues.

The event was joined by pupils of journalism workrooms of institutions of extracurricular and general secondary education of Poltava region.

The forum was full of trainings, workshops, master classes and lectures of journalists and related professionals. All participants received certificates, practical experience and inspiration for their new literary achievements.

It is nice that our company, which provided all the stationery needed for the event, is involved in creation of bright impressions for young journalists.

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KORTEX Recovery Center

26 Март 2019

On March 4, 2019, a recovery center for children with disabilities was opened in Poltava.

"KORTEX" is a project of the All-Ukrainian Charity Fund "HELP GROUP".

The mission of the center is to provide a happy and fulfilling life for families with children with disabilities. The services provided are aimed at the successful social and physical adaptation of children.

At present, work is being done in the following areas:

✔️ Providing psychological support to parents and children;

✔️ carrying out preventive massage;

✔️ therapeutic physical culture;

✔️ therapy for sensory integration;

✔️ training with a defectologist.

Our company shares and understands the value of such projects. Therefore, the opening and operation of the KORTEX Recovery Center is under constant support of Aurora.

By the way, all indifferent people can join and support this project.

The recovery center is located at: Poltava, Alexander Bidnogo str, 20.

Phone for information: +38 (095) 19 83 564

Сергій Шуста 19 Июль 2019

Avrora 19 Июль 2019 Дякуємо

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The sewing machine is an opportunity to create some beautiful

26 Март 2019

The sewing machine is not just a thing for sewing things.

The sewing machine is an opportunity to create some beautiful.

And now the pupils of the Novosanzhar Orphanage for disabled children has this opportunity.

In cooperation with the Ukrainian Charitable Fund "HELP GROUP" chain of stores "Aurora" is a participant of various charity events.

One of such projects was the company financing the acquisition of sewing machines for the Novosanzhar Orphanage.

Expanding creativity has become a good news for girls.

After all, a sewing machine for them is a chance to develop thoroughly and create useful things for themselves and friends.

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Ten boxes of happiness

25 Март 2019

Zinkiv Orphanage named by O.V. Sinyagovsky is like a home for 135 boys with disabilities.

These children need constant attention and care. But they can’t be provided without the usual everyday things, which are always lacking.

Therefore, Aurora Company together with the Ukrainian Charitable Fund "HELP GROUP" for several weeks was engaged in collecting humanitarian aid.

And then more than 10 boxes of various things were transferred to the boarding school.

Toys, balls, pillows, clothes and shoes, hats, office supplies and many other useful things are now at the disposal of pupils.

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Charitable help to members of the church of the Birth of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

26 Март 2018
This process is assisted by Father Sergey, who serves in the church of the Birth of the Blessed Virgin Mary, in Malye Budischa village, Zinkiv region of Poltava oblast. 

This temple is a historical monument. It has survived hard times of communism and war. During the “hungry” years the temple was used as a storage and served as a shelter for people who were hiding from German-fascist invaders. 

The church members are trying to save the temple, and Avrora has been continuously giving financial support to the church. 

This year, 10% from candles sales will be donated for the church repairs, so that the temple could serve for many long years.
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Help to the charity foundation “Heart to heart”

16 Март 2018
We cannot change the whole world, but we can make it better!
Goodness and kindness are like a boomerang. This energy returns to us, multiplied through other favourable life circumstances, luck and health.
We sincerely believe that our help in the charity foundation “Heart to heart” will make children’s life happier, healthier and more joyful.
This yeah Avrora has become a sponsor of a charity race “Run for child’s health”.
This is the third event organized by the foundation whose goal is to provide children’s hospitals with modern diagnostic equipment.
All the donations collected during the race will be spent for purchasing of diagnostic equipment for children with hearing disorders.
We believe that all together, taking small steps, we will build a better future for our children.
Let’s save lives and health of Ukrainian children together!
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