Youth, journalism and jubilee

The city lives well if it carries out a variety of activities, especially when they take place with the participation of young people. Supporting the organization of such activities is a small investment in a better future. That is why our company...

KORTEX Recovery Center

Our company shares and understands the value of such projects. Therefore, the opening and operation of the KORTEX Recovery Center...

The sewing machine is an opportunity to create some beautiful

In cooperation with the Ukrainian Charitable Fund "HELP GROUP" chain of stores "Aurora" is a participant of various charity events. One of such projects was...

Ten boxes of happiness

Zinkiv Orphanage named by O.V. Sinyagovsky is like a home for 135 boys with disabilities.

Charitable help to members of the church of the Birth of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

During the last 5 years, caring of its customers, Avrora has been having its goods blessed for the great Christian holiday of Easter.

Help to the charity foundation “Heart to heart”

This yeah Avrora has become a sponsor of a charity race “Run for child’s health”. This is the third event organized by the foundation whose goal is to provide children’s hospitals with modern diagnostic equipment.

Youth project the international student day

17 November 2017 municipal institution "Regional youth center" Poltava regional Council together with Management on Affairs of family, youth and sport of the Poltava regional state administration before the student day held a large-scale regional project, "Our only student family" at the Palace of leisure "November".

Contribution to the charitable foundation

Charity is in the interests of society, including the provision of material, financial and other contribution to combatants.

Health is one of the main aspects of our life.

It's no secret that in our time hospitals suffer from a lack of financing. Realizing this we take an active participation in the material support of hospitals to provide


Provided 100 sets of summer costumes

Could it be something more ...

Help to Poltava partners

Very often representatives ...