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Saint Nicholas must come to all people

Saint Nicholas must come to all people

Going to bed on December 18, every child hopes for a good gift from saint Nicholas. But, unfortunately, not everyone gets a gift in the morning. It does not depend on behavior. This applies to those children who don't have anyone to put gifts under the pillow. And here it makes no sense to understand why this happened, but it is important that the holiday should come to everyone.

Therefore, on the eve of St. Nicholas Day, our company delighted 85 children, wards of the BO Center "Blago", with kits for creativity.

And we could join the creation of the holiday "Christmas tree of desires", which was organized by the NGO "Business Women of Ukraine in Poltava region". The events took place in the Novosanzharsky orphanage and the Poltava regional shelter "Lyubystok". We collected pencils, albums, paints, children's books, handicraft kits and personal hygiene items as gift sets for kids.

And let this time we didn't manage to make so that saint Nicholas came absolutely to all, but we executed a part of his work.

Everything you read above is done and said not for a tick. We believe that it is not a shame to talk about good things. And we say this for making less indifference around.

And the next time you did not pass by someone who needs help, and threw at least 1 UAH in the basket to collect for treatment and, perhaps, completely free gave someone a holiday.

Don't be indifferent. #give_good_freely.