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Company news

It is profitable to buy gas in Avrora

For an autumn picnic with fragrant tea or for other household needs, we have a gas canister for you, which is cheaper at Avrora. The offer is valid until October 17. Come and take it, you will need i…

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Let's play 10 smart lamps with RGB from Videx in Avrora

'Videx' pleases not only with its quality, but also with cool DRAW of prizes!

This time we will have as many as 10 winners! And each of them will receive as a gift the LED smart lamp '…

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1 + 1 = 3 day of the Cossacks in Avrora

As a gift or in stock, and it's time to collect more socks! After all, from October 11 to 14 in 'Avrora' for men's socks 'Good Couple' art. 27393 action 1 + 1 = 3 is valid! So…

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20% discount on all products for fishing in Avrora

Catch a 20% discount on absolutely all fishing goods in Avrora! Such a cool offer is valid until October 17. Come in, shop and go fishing.

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20% discount on all stationery in Avrora

All-all-all! You can get all the stationery with a 20% discount from October 8 to 17 in Avrora! So come and stock up on good. After all, you know that stationery is not superfluous.

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