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How to clean the soleplate of the iron quickly and not expensively?

Emotions get out like a fountain when the iron does not iron - but sticks to clothes. Most often, this is due to synthetic fibers that have melted and stuck to the sole under the action of high tempe…

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You should have a 'Crit' at home

Pipes are always clogged suddenly and unpredictably. And to quickly clean them there are used all the methods at hand, which often do not give long-term effect. But when there are several packages of…

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Persil and Silan products are the secret of freshness and cleanliness of your clothes

Clean and fragrant clothes are perfectly refreshing in summer. And here is the best recipe for such freshness:

• 1 or 2 Persil washing discs or Persil washing powder.

• A little Silan…

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Buy stationery in pairs and get a discount

It's time to pack up for school with a lot of pleasures from Avrora! And now you have a chance to do it as profitably as possible. After all, when buying two selected stationery in the only check…

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To think globally — to act locally

As part of the start of the training program 'Youth will change Ukraine - Poltava region', which is implemented with the support of 'Avrora' company, the President of the Bohdan Havry…

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