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Company news

Charity auctions in Avrora

Creating good is easy! There are small good cases that are not really done to gain fame or rankings, but just to help those who need it the most.

At the beginning of 2021, Avrora conducted 2 chari…

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Повернення грошей на карту: що робити, коли гроші не надходять у зазначений час?

Так-так, гроші повернуться. І це не замовляння якісь. Це факт.

Якщо в Аврорі тобі роблять повернення грошей на карту, то вони надійдуть протягом 5-ти днів.

Можуть одразу, можуть на 2-й чи нав…

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«Avrora» has started a new project for «AVRORA guide» interns in Poltava

«Avrora guide» is an internship program for creative and talented young people in the support office located in Poltava. The program gives interns without basic skills and previous experi…

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Thanks for your help in preventing the spread of COVID-19

From August 31 to September 4 in Poltava was conducted the traditional annual forum of entrepreneurs of the city "City Fest". As part of it, an award ceremony was conducted for those busine…

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You need to know this to change goods at Avrora store

You didn't like it, it didn't work, you want to exchange… Of course change! But know that we change only in this case.

Which means:

️no signs of use;

️ without damage;


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