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If you're going to replenish your makeup bag, you're on your way to Avrora.

Your makeup bag will become more full and bright, and you'll be even happier when you open it and do your makeup.
And that’ because it's simply impossible to pass by the shelves with d…

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Children's Drawing Contest "A Dream Has a Color - Blue-Yellow!"

Nowadays children's drawings help support many people. Drawing itself distracts, develops and calms.
That's why together with GAMMA'UA we prepared a children's creative contest "…

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"Ushastik" universal cleaners will help to wash children's clothes without unnecessary worries and safely for kids

Laundering stains from children's clothes can be difficult. But it is even harder to choose a laundry detergent that will not only cope with all the dirt, but will also be safe for the delicate s…

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Seize the moment! Avrora has promotional prices on toys for your child's outdoor activities

How to encourage your child to go outside? There is a way out - first go to Aurora for a new outdoor toy, and then play with it for a long time on the walk.
This option is a double joy for kids and …

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Вигідні пропозиції цього тижня

У магазинах «Аврора» люди завжди знаходили потрібне та бажане за доступними цінами. Зараз, коли кожен українець потребує підтримки, ми працюємо ще старанніше, щоб ціни лишалися на найнижч…

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