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Who are the Joykas?

The snow melted, and garbage was strewn on the roadsides. But we do not want to be okay with it!

That's why new eco-heroes, Joykas, have appeared in Avrora. They want to teach everyone to sort garbage and green the planet.

And only you can help them. And it's fun to do, because you have to play, and at the same time collect a cool collection of characters!

How to join the game?

1. You get collectible cards with Joykas, buying in Avrora from 01.04 to 23.05:

  • for every 60 UAH in the check - one new card worth 0.99 UAH;
  • for each product of the promotion partner - one new card worth UAH 0.99;
  • you buy a card separately at the usual price - UAH 20.

2. Next, scan the map in the application "JOYKIS" and revive the hero (PlayMarket, AppStore).

3. You play - collect points and plant greenery on the planet in your smartphone.

And what's cool - you have the opportunity to create a hero by yourself. Because on each card you can paint one of Joyka's images and then bring it to life in this way.

 So next time, don't leave Avrora without a new hero. And when they offer a card - be sure to take it: for yourself, for your daughter or son, or for nieces. They definitely thank you.

Buy partner products and get cards with heroes

Search for the official rules of the promotion here