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Offer us your products

The idea of ​​making what we want closer and more accessible to people has been and remains our goal. And to achieve it, we are constantly working to update, expand and deepen the range. That is why we are always happy to meet new people and offer mutually beneficial cooperation.

'Avrora' is another place where your product will find its buyer, and therefore it is another important sales channel.

Our stores work in the format of One Dollar Store, so we are interested in keeping prices at the lowest level.

At present, we manage to do this successfully with a minimal markup and huge sales volumes, as our network is constantly expanding and is represented in almost all regions of Ukraine.

 Here are the main criteria by which we select a product for sale in our network:

  • • The product fits the concept of the brand, namely it has a low price. There is a demand for the product and people are happy to buy it.
  • • The shelf life of the goods exceeds 90 calendar days in the absence of special requirements for storage temperature.
  • • The product has licenses and certificates for the use of TM.
  • • You can provide the required number of one SKU for our network - an average of 10,000 units per month.
  • • Preference is given to goods of Ukrainian production, which are not presented on the shelves of other national retail chains.
  • • Preference is also given to the manufacturer over the distributor.

How to submit a proposal?

It's simple - fill out the form on the site. Our manager will contact you within 5 working days.

In case of complaints or suggestions, please contact the coordinator of work with suppliers Vladislava Krainik phone number: +38 (097) 60 28 596

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Offer us a retail space

Every year more and more residents of new cities, towns and villages become customers at our chain of stores. In those locations where Aurora is already represented, the number of stores increases occasionally as well.

So if you would like to find a responsible leaseholder, look no further.

What premises are we looking for?
Premises in a settlement with a population of at least 5,000.
A high traffic location, e.g. down-town, entrance to the market, public transport stop.
First, second or ground floor.
Room area of 130 to 180 sq.m.
Permitted electrical load of 10-20 kW.

Why is it profitable to cooperate with us?
Our network is continuously expanding.
We pay rent on time.
We comply will all contractual clauses responsibly.
We keep the premises in good condition.

Do you have an offer?
Contact us in a way convenient for you and offer us a retail space for rent. 
Call us: +38 (067) 5300086 or +38 (099) 1314050.
Send us your offer via e-mail: r.kudrya@avrora.ua
Leave an application on our website.

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Offer us your advertising

If you create great advertising of any kind or distribute it, have found out about our company and would like to cooperate, we will be happy to meet you. And, perhaps, in the future, this acquaintance will grow into a strong partnership.

What do we value in our advertising partners?
Commitment to results and long-term cooperation.
Clear offers, including a developed advertising plan with specific goals and objectives.
Ability to work under a reasonable budget.

It is really easy to start cooperation with us.
Develop an offer for advertising and present it to us. And before you do that, we advise you to visit the chain stores to feel the general environment and get to know the employees and visitors better.
When you have a solution or proposal prepared and you are sure that its implementation will bring positive results, feel free to send it to us. We will provide our response as soon as possible.

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Наші партнери

Advertise your product in Aurora

Advertising is the way to the consumer’s heart. And you can take one step further to it with Aurora.

Our team has all the necessary resources to create an advertising product and distribute it through various communication channels.

Are you interested? Then take a look at the possible advertising options below and click “I would like to advertise”.

It will take you just a few minutes to fill out the form and our manager will contact you in no time. You will be able to discuss and choose the most effective advertising options for your product.

  • audio advertising in the store;
  • advertising materials on the price scanner in the store;
  • posters on the façade;
  • posters and other printed materials in the retail space;
  • advertising in social media;
  • advertising on Aurora’s official website;
  • golden shelves and premium display;
  • advertising in Aurora’s mobile application;
  • placement of your company’s logo or trademark:
    • on Aurora’s branded bags;
    • on the uniform of the company’s employees;
    • on Aurora’s corporate vehicles;
    • on a branded eco-friendly shopping bags;
    • in the bicycle parking lot by the store;
    • on Aurora Sport team’s T-shirts.

The responsible manager will provide you with more information:

 +38 (099) 733 59 53 Serhiy Doroshenko.

Click “I would like to advertise”, and we will call you in no time.

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If you want to start your own business with the lowest level of risk and guarantees of success, choose our franchise and feel the instant benefits of working under the Aurora brand.
You can find out the terms and details of cooperation by leaving an application on the website.


Request processing resumption will be announced later. Follow the updates on our website.

Offer us your services

Запропонуйте нам ваші послуги

We  know and can do a lot of different things at Avrora, but when faced with work that is not our profile, we understand that we can't do without professionals.

That's why, we will be very happy to meet you if, for example you can:

  • Beautifully decorate the room with balloons.
  • Install and maintain air conditioners responsibly.
  • Provide professional repairs or electrical installation.

But this is just an example. If you do a great job and are looking for a reliable client, then we will definitely be friends.

To tell us more about yourself and your services, click "I want to cooperate" and fill out the form.

Something tells us that you and we will have a good partnership team :)

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