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Bomb-free raffle from "Panasonic"

Бомбезний розіграш від "Panasonic"

This is how it charges, this is how it charges! Panasonic is making a super competition until October 31st.

Participate and you will be able to discover the hero inside yourself. And also win a trip to the filming of the TV series "POWER RANGERS" or receive other good things.

What do you need to make for this?

1. Create your own video ( from 20 seconds to 2 minutes). You can shoot with your phone, camera or drone. The kind is also optional - action, drama, musical or any other. Only one condition - your presence in the frame is required.

2. Download the video and fill out the form at the link: https://bit.ly/3daGfkr.

3. Wait for November. A  competitive judges will review all videos and select a winner.

You just can't miss a giveaway like this from Panasonic. Rather, turn on your imagination and start writing the script.

Find out more about the conditions and prizes on the organizer's website: https://poweryourday.win.eu.panasonic.com/uk/